Project Proposal Letter to Kairos: Praxis

Dear Kairos Praxis editors,

I am attaching a submission to the Praxis section of Kairos, entitled, “Going Multimodal: Documenting My Development.” This piece is done in a blog format, and captures the development of a piece of multimodal composition (and also exists as a piece of multimodal comp.). The piece currently resides at this website:
I hope you will consider publishing this piece, as it continues the call for more rhetoricians to explore their own development of multimodal pieces, but does so not in print, as has mainly occurred before, but is a multimodal composition itself.

This project began with the desire to ask my own first-year composition (fyc) students to create multimodal work; the only problem is that I doubt(ed) my students’ ability to make that type of work happen. I teach online, and am not able to easily help students out who encounter difficulty, and I envision this type of work overwhelming some of the students. So I set forth to create my own multimodal work, to use as an example piece, to see what creating this type of project was really like, to determine if it is feasible for my own students to do (or not). But I didn’t just want to create the piece; I wanted to study the creation of it, and document the development of it, to help me better understand the complexity behind creating such a work and also to ensure that such a project is something that I believe my own students could create.

This documentation of my own multimodal process is focused on the creation of a text that I believe any one of my students could create. I have developed a piece similar to what I believe my students might create, and I have captured the creation of that piece. I don’t think this submission works to show step-by-step how to create a piece such as this, but it does work through the numerous decisions that I made as I worked to create the piece, and it gives a rough idea of how complex the creation of something multimodal can be. It also shows, quite openly and honestly, the various changes that can occur as the development of a multimodal work takes shape.

I look forward to hearing back from you, and am willing to work with any suggestions you might have to help this piece work better. Immediately, I am concerned about the organization of the steps (mini-pieces) in the larger work and some minor technical issues, such as the sound quality.Thank you for your consideration.


Jason Dockter


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